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For Tuesday, January 27, all outpatient services are closed, including:
• Laboratory
• Radiology
• Physical Therapy
• Radiation Oncology
• Surgical Alliance
• Behavioral Health
• Anticoagulation Clinics (Middletown and Westbrook)
• Wound Care Center
All elective surgeries are also cancelled.
The Outpatient Center, Cancer Center and Surgical Center on Saybrook Road in Middletown are closed.
Middlesex Hospital Urgent Care Centers in Madison and Middletown are closed.

Treating Congestive Heart Failure

Fourth Quarter 2012 - Third Quarter 2013


Treating Congestive Heart Failure

Fourth Quarter 2012 - Third Quarter 2013

HF-1: Appropriate Discharge Instructions

Following recommended discharge instructions in six areas has been shown to help patients manage the disease and decrease the number of times they may need to be hospitalized. Heart failure is usually a long-term condition that tends to gradually become worse. The six areas are instructions on how active the patient can be, any foods to avoid, when the next doctor appointment should be scheduled, what medications should be taken at home, what symptoms the patient should call the doctor about, and how to monitor weight. (90% of 271 patients in this time period)

HF-2: ACE Inhibitor for LRB or LVSD

A measure of quality in treating heart failure in patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction. These drugs prevent further weakening of the heart in patients who already have weakening. The rate is calculated by dividing the number of patients who receive one of these medications by the number of patients who should receive them according to national guidelines. (100% of 404 patients for this time period)

HF-3: Assessment of Left Ventricular Function

A measure of the quality in treating patients with heart failure. Proper treatment of heart failure depends on what area of the heart is affected. It is important to know how the left chamber of the heart is pumping (LVF). (96% of 114 patients for this time period)



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