Concussion Management & Primary Sports Care

Dr. Adam Perrin, a physician at MH-PC Old Saybrook, is headstrong in his passion to make sure athletes protect their heads while playing sports. The federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that there may be as many as 300,000 sports and recreation-related concussions in the United States each year. Concussions and brain injuries frequently occur in football, soccer, boxing, skiing, snowboarding, baseball, and skateboarding. In any given football season, 10% of all college players and up to 20% of all high school players sustain brain injuries.

What Causes Concussions?

Concussions are normally caused by a blow to the head. They range in severity, but have one thing in common; they temporarily interfere with normal brain function. Regardless of how mild or severe the concussion, there is injury to the brain and recovery time is necessary.

Diagnosing and Recovering From Concussions

While most athletes do recover from concussions, some still experience ongoing chronic cognitive and neurological problems.  Symptoms called “Post-Concussion Syndrome” include headaches,  sleep difficulties, fatigue, irritability and emotionality, sensitivity to light and noise, dizziness or lightheadedness and memory impairment. Additional injuries that occur before an athlete has fully recovered can have permanent or catastrophic results,  including death caused by "Second Impact Syndrome."

In his office, Dr. Perrin provides concussion care and non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal injury. He is one of less than a dozen specially credentialed consultants in the Connecticut trained in the specific best practice treatment and diagnosis guidelines ofconcussion management.

Dr. Perrin knows a lot about concussions and how important it is to diagnose them on the field and ensure that the player does not “get right back in the game.” He is working hard to increase awareness among student athletes, their coaches, trainers, families and physicians of the pervasive dangers of traumatic head injuries.

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