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Forms and Education Materials

Click here for a Sleep Diary

This form is a two week view of your sleeping habits that will help the physician have a better understanding of your sleeping patterns and possible problems.

Click here for an Epworth Sleepiness Scale

This form helps the physician in determining the possible severity of your sleeping problem.

Click here for a Sleep Disorders Center Initial Questionnaire

This form is for those having a Sleep Study (polysomnography) test at Middlesex Hospital.  This form gives our sleep physician a detailed medical and sleep history to help look for all potential sleep related disorders.


Educational Brochures

The following educational materials are used with permission of Respironics, Inc., Murrysville, PA

Fast Fact Sheet about Sleep Apnea

Understanding Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea and High Blood Pressure

Sleep Apnea and Diabetes

Sleep Apnea and Heart Failure

Sleep Apnea and Stroke

Sleep Apnea and Menopause

I Have Sleep Apnea Now What?

Chronic Pain and Sleep Disordered Breathing

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