Women's Wellness Fund Priority Projects


In 2018 the Women’s Wellness Fund will support the following women’s health priority projects:

Breakthrough treatment for breast cancer prevents heart damage

Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) is a radiation therapy to treat tumors in the left breast. It works by measuring a tumor’s microscopic, internal movements as a patient inhales and exhales, focusing the radiation dose on cancerous tumors and reducing exposure to the heart. It will be available at the Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center in Middletown and Westbrook.

Helping women manage heart disease at home

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States.  A new program called “Heart Connect Calls,” designed by the Middlesex Hospital Center for Chronic Care Management, leverages the power of technology to help people with heart disease improve their quality of life.  Through a series of automated calls, and live support from a Hospital clinician, people are given the tools and resources to better manage their disease all from the comfort of their own homes.

Supporting pregnant women through crisis

Imagine that you are pregnant with your first child and are also homeless, have an abusive partner or that you experience mental health issues. Who can you turn to for support? The answer: the Perinatal Social Work Program. A licensed clinical social worker at Middlesex Hospital’s Pregnancy & Birth Center and Maternal Child Health Program connects pregnant women facing extreme circumstances with community resources so that they can find better housing, access cash assistance and food benefits and receive mental health counseling, among other supports.


In 2017 the Women’s Wellness Fund supported the following priority projects:

Women’s health awareness

We hosted four free talks about new tools to detect breast cancer including Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) and 3D Mammography.

Breast cancer early detection

We helped more women gain access to 3D mammography, which has been shown to detect 40% more invasive cancers, by replacing the Hospital’s 2D mammogram machines with 3D machines. The Hospital now has seven total 3D mammography machines, which are located at the Outpatient Center in Middletown, the Shoreline Medical Center in Westbrook and the Marlborough Medical Center. You can read more here:

Finding cancer earlier with 3D mammorgraphy - Dr. Julie Lee 

Healthy moms and babies

We helped pregnant women have more freedom to walk around during labor by installing a wireless fetal monitoring system in the Pregnancy and Birth Center, which helps moms deliver and recover more quickly and helps to lower risks for babies and moms.  You can read more here:

Keeping pregnant moms moving during labor - Dr. Anne Bingham

We helped pregnant women who need medical, mental health or financial support by supporting the perinatal social work program, working to ensure that moms and children are healthy and safe.  You can read more here:

Healthy moms, healthy babies - Mary Doyle, LCSW


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