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As Connecticut's first Mayo Clinic Care Network member, Middlesex Hospital's team of experts is now working together with Mayo Clinic specialists on your behalf—sharing the latest lifesaving research, joining forces to resolve the most complex cases and bringing the world's most advanced medical knowledge here to Connecticut.

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About Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to providing comprehensive care to everyone who needs healing and advancing medical knowledge through research and education. Today, Mayo Clinic is one of the top hospitals in the United States and the world, and it is ranked #1 in more specialties than any other hospital in the nation.

What is the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

It's a network of like-minded health care organizations that share a single goal: improving care through innovation and collaboration. Middlesex Hospital is working with Mayo Clinic so you and your family can get the best care possible without having to travel far from home.

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Answers to Some Common Questions

How can I access the expertise of a Mayo Clinic physician here in Connecticut?

Through the Mayo Clinic Care Network relationship, all Middlesex Hospital physicians have access to Mayo Clinic knowledge and can consult directly with Mayo specialists when they feel it would benefit the patient. If you are not currently being cared for by a Middlesex Hospital physician, but would like to find one and make an appointment, click here to access our online physician directory.

Why did Mayo Clinic choose Middlesex Hospital?

Middlesex Hospital was selected to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network because we share a common philosophy, commitment and mission to improve the delivery of health care through high quality, data-driven, evidence-based medical care and treatment. In addition to learning about our cultural and our history of providing exceptional patient care, Mayo Clinic conducted a rigorous evaluation process based on quality, service and operational criteria.

How does this impact my care at Middlesex Hospital?

Collaborating with Mayo Clinic means that your care team has the latest Mayo knowledge and expertise at their fingertips. Physicians at Middlesex Hospital can connect electronically with Mayo specialists for additional input on complex cases. They can access Mayo-vetted information on disease management, care guidelines and treatment recommendations, and they can present and discuss challenging cancer cases with teams of Mayo specialists and other network members.

Does this mean that Middlesex Hospital could be purchased by Mayo Clinic?

Our relationship with Mayo Clinic is not an acquisition or a merger. Mayo Clinic Care Network members, like Middlesex Hospital, remain independent, community-owned health care providers.

What other health systems are members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

The network consists of more than 30 organizations across the United States and in Mexico and Singapore. Middlesex Hospital is the first hospital in Connecticut chosen to become a member.

Will I automatically be referred to Mayo Clinic?

The primary goal of the relationship is to give Connecticut patients the added benefit and peace-of-mind of Mayo Clinic expertise, while continuing to receive care as close to home as possible—only traveling outside the region when absolutely necessary. Middlesex Hospital physicians are under no obligation to refer patients to Mayo Clinic.

Can I request a second opinion from Mayo Clinic?

Your health care provider at Middlesex Hospital will use eConsults to get additional input from Mayo Clinic specialists when he or she believes it will be helpful to your treatment. If you have any questions about your care, please talk with your provider at Middlesex Hospital.

Will I see a Mayo Clinic doctor?

The collaboration is between Middlesex Hospital's health care providers and the specialists at Mayo Clinic. As they work together, you'll benefit from access to the latest medical expertise. Mayo Clinic doctors do not schedule appointments with patients through the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

Does it cost me anything if my doctor works with Mayo Clinic on my care?

No. The benefits of the Mayo Clinic Care Network are all part of your experience at Middlesex Hospital now. There is no cost to you when your provider uses the network.

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