Community Benefit Categories - What Counts?

Community Benefits categorization is required by the Internal Revenue System and is valuable to measure the kinds and effectiveness of activities. Broad categories include:

Charity Care

Charity Care is free or discounted health services provided to persons who cannot afford to pay and who meet the Hospital’s organizational criteria for charity care and demonstrate an inability to pay. Charity Care is reported in terms if cost, not charges. 

Middlesex Hospital offers help to those who are unable to pay all or part of their hospital bills. Financial assistance, reduced rates and free bed funds are available for certain qualified patients. Such programs are based on a sliding scale that considers income, number of dependents and other factors. To apply for financial assistance please call: 860-358-2402 or 860-358-2403 to speak with a financial counselor, or visit in person at the Middlesex Hospital Outpatient Center at 534 Saybrook Road, Middletown, CT. Download an application and instructions.

Unpaid Government-Sponsored Health Care

The Hospital assumes an enormous expense each day as it absorbs shortfalls created for government programs (difference between cost of caring for public program beneficiaries and payments received). Some of these means tested shortfalls (for example Medicaid and SAGA) qualify as community benefits.

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