Post-Treatment / Survivorship Care

The focus of survivorship care involves four essential elements:

  • Prevention of new and recurrent cancer
  • Surveillance for recurrence or secondary cancers and any medical or psychological late effects
  • Intervention for any ongoing physical, psychological or spiritual symptom
  • Coordination between specialty and primary care providers

 The survivorship visits entails meeting with the program coordinator, a nurse practitioner, to discuss these four essential elements based on the individual patients cancer experience. At the conclusion of the visit, the patient receives a copy of their personalized treatment summary . A copy is also mailed to the primary care provider and the oncologist is always updated . Post treatment concerns range from  extreme fatigue to fear of recurrence. Whatever the need, it is discussed in depth with referrals made to the appropriate team members., which may include social work, integrative medicine, nutrition, genetic counseling, distress management, physical therapy or any of the wide range of classes and workshops offered through the cancer center.

The ultimate goal of our survivorship program is to help make the transition from cancer treatment to survivorship as seamless and successful as possible.

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