Oncoplastic Surgery

Many times, when a patient requires a lumpectomy, or partial mastectomy, to remove breast cancer, the remaining breast tissue can appear distorted, uneven or asymmetrical when compared with the other healthy breast. Traditionally, if you wanted to correct it, you’d need a second procedure to undergo plastic reconstructive surgery after the initial cancer surgery has been completed. But now, two of our breast surgeons, Dr. Andrea Malon and Dr. Leah Bassin are performing an innovative type of breast cancer surgery that combines the cancer removal and breast reconstruction into a single procedure.

During this procedure, known as oncoplastic breast surgery, the surgeon removes cancerous tissue and then sculpts the remaining tissue to create a natural appearance. Depending on how much tissue needs to be removed, the surgeon may also reshape the healthy breast to ensure they are once again symmetrical after surgery. Also, because this surgery is performed before any radiation treatments, it helps patients avoid complications with wound healing that can occur after radiation.

In addition to helping restore a healthy physical appearance, oncoplastic breast surgery has the added benefit of helping woman heal emotionally following cancer surgery—helping restore feelings of confidence, self-esteem and femininity.

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