What is Genetic Counseling and Genetic Testing?

Genetic counseling includes a discussion of personal and family history of cancer. This information is used to determine individualized cancer risk and appropriate cancer screening and prevention options. Genetic counseling also includes an explanation of the scientific information related to genetic testing and which genetic tests may be useful. Genetic testing may not be useful for everyone receiving genetic counseling. When genetic testing is performed, it is simple blood test. Deciding whether to have genetic testing is a personal choice that can be made at the time of genetic counseling or in the future. Genetic counseling does not require genetic testing. Overall, Genetic counseling provides:

  • Individualized genetic cancer risk assessment for yourself and your family
  • Discussion of the benefits, limitations, and options for genetic testing
  • For individuals who chose genetic testing, we provide a detailed interpretation of results.
  • Discussion of appropriate cancer screening and prevention options.

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