Surgical Oncology

Surgery is often the first diagnostic or treatment option for cancer, and it may be used in combination with either radiation therapy or chemotherapy. It is included either as part of curative treatment when the intent is to cure your disease, and as palliative treatment if your cancer cannot be cured but surgery can be used to alleviate pain or lessen other symptoms.

Our dedicated, board-certified surgeons represent many specialties—including breast cancer, colorectal cancer, thoracic cancers, prostate cancer, bladder and kidney cancers, gynecologic cancer (such as cancers of the uterus and ovaries), skin cancers (such as melanoma), head and neck cancers and more—and they work closely with your primary care physician and oncologist to provide the best diagnostic and treatment options for your type of cancer.

To make an appointment with one of our Surgical Oncologists, please call 860-358-2780.

Your First Visit

On your first visit, one of our compassionate and caring board-certified surgeons will meet with you to review your medical history, perform a physical exam, and review any tests—such as blood work, x-rays and biopsy reports—that have already been performed. Then they’ll discuss your diagnosis and the prognosis of your disease, and they’ll create an individualized treatment program designed specifically for you. Finally, the surgeons will answer any of your questions and refer you to any additional services needed for your treatment.



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Surgical Oncology

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