Cancer Data Registry

What is a cancer registry?

“A cancer registry is a data system designed for the collection, management and analysis of data on persons with the diagnosis of a malignant or neoplastic disease (cancer).  The basic source document is the patient’s health record, from which pertinent information is abstracted for use in the registry.”  (National Cancer Registrars Association, 1998)

What type of information is collected for registry data?

This is a primary document that collects demographic information, medical history, diagnostic findings, diagnosis, cancer therapy, and follow-up information.  It is important to remember that state confidentiality laws protect patient’s identities.

How is this data used?

The registry collects cancer data for the purpose of improving the quality of patient care.  The collected data is used to conduct studies that will provide the evidence needed to initiate or improve services here at Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center. 

For example, our physicians conducted a study on lung cancer patients using data from our tumor registry.  The study found that our lung patients would benefit from improvements regarding their care from diagnosis to treatment.  Therefore, the nurse navigator program started a pathway specific to lung patients.  This pathway helped create better patient outcomes for our lung patients.

Why is this data collected?

It is required by law that all cancer diagnoses in Connecticut are reported to the Connecticut Tumor Registry.  Connecticut’s Tumor Registry is one of 5 statewide designated surveillance, epidemiology, and end results (SEER) sites in the country.  This is significant because the National Cancer Institute provides funds to maintain these records.


Middlesex Hospital's Cancer Registry

Middlesex Hospital has one of the oldest registries in the country, with cases dating back to 1932.  The Connecticut State Tumor Registry was established in 1935 and is the oldest state cancer registry in the United States. Data is reported annually to the State of Connecticut and to the National Cancer Data Base.

Our Cancer Registry is accredited by the American College of Surgeons - Commission on Cancer.  In order to meet the standards for accreditation the follow-up services rate must exceed 90 percent.  Here at Middlesex Hospital we have reached 96 percent.  This high achievement is credited to our certified staff and highly dedicated volunteers that help to keep our database up to date. 


Our Staff

Our Cancer Registrars are certified by the National Cancer Registrars Association.

We also have trained volunteers that are critical to maintaining the follow-up status of cancer patients.  Without their dedication, our tumor registry would not be able to reach its accreditation standards.

Kathleen Gould-Mitchell, RHIA CTR
Supervisor Cancer Registry
Middlesex Cancer Center
Middletown, CT 06457

Kate Powers, Coder/Abstractor
Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center
540 Saybrook Road, Suite 330
Middletown, CT  06457
Connie Roberge, Conference Coordinator
Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center
540 Saybrook Road, Suite 330
Middletown, CT  06457


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