Distress Management

Fighting cancer can take its toll—not only on the body, but on the mind and spirit as well. Distress is a normal response when you or someone you love receives a diagnosis of cancer. Distress covers a wide range of emotions, including powerlessness, anger, sadness, fear, depression, anxiety and panic. In addition to your emotions, distress may also affect your thoughts and behavior. Many people describe this as "not feeling like themselves."

Distress may become apparent in a number of areas of your life. It is not unusual to find yourself suddenly having to cope with:

  • Practical concerns (such as work, financial, insurance, or transportation issues)
  • Family problems (relationship changes with your partner and/or children)
  • Emotional problems (including depression, anxiety, mood changes, fatigue, or insomnia)
  • Spiritual/religious concerns (such as grief, guilt, loss of faith, loss of contact with a higher power or meaning)
  • Physical problems

We can help you cope with these challenges. A licensed clinical social worker, psychiatric APRN, and chaplain are available to provide support to patients and their loved ones when they need it. These services can be accessed individually, as a family, or in support groups. For more information, please call Doreen Gagnon LCSW, Oncology Social Worker at (860) 358-2053.

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