General Surgery

In addition to specialists in breast surgery, gynecologic surgery and thoracic surgery, the Middlesex Hospital Surgical Alliance team also includes two board-certified general surgeons: Peter Romeyn, M.D. and Andrea Malon, M.D. Both are experts in using the latest technology to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions throughout the body.


General surgery requires surgeons to have broad knowledge, training and experience handling a wide spectrum of diseases and injuries that may require surgery. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Trauma, burns and emergency surgery, including musculoskeletal, hand and head injuries
  • Surgery of the abdomen and its contents
  • Gastrointestinal surgery, including inflammatory bowel diseases, like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
  • Endocrine surgery, usually involving removal of all or part of the thyroid, parathyroid or adrenal glands
  • Surgical oncology with the support of the staff and technology at our award-winning Cancer Center
  • Minor vascular surgery—usually major surgeries are performed by specially trained vascular surgeons
  • Skin and soft tissue surgeries

Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures

Our general surgeons are experts at using the latest minimally invasive techniques to ensure better results and faster recovery times. Many surgical procedures can be done using laparoscopic surgery, which involves inserting small cameras and instruments through very small incisions. And our general surgeons are also experienced at using the da Vinci® SI surgical robot for the most complex and delicate procedures. Both laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgeries offer similar benefits: smaller incisions, less pain, less scarring, fewer complications and a shorter hospital stay.


Our General Surgeons

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