Your Middlesex Hospital doctors, nurses and therapists will all work together to create an individualized plan for your care when you go home. Your case manager, a specially trained nurse who works with your health care team, will make sure your discharge plan meets your needs, as well as providing information about Middlesex Hospital Homecare. If you have any questions or concerns about caring for yourself after you go home, we encourage you or your family to talk to your case manager.

You will receive written instructions when you are discharged from the hospital to go home. These instructions will include general guidelines about your diet, activity and caring for yourself at home. You will also receive information about the medications that you will be taking at home.

Not everyone will go directly home from the hospital. Patients who live alone with no support or need a little more recovery time may go to an inpatient rehabilitation facility for a short period of time before returning home. If transfer to a rehabilitation facility is recommended, the case manager will provide you with a list of facilities that meet your medical needs and are also convenient for you and your family.

This service is offered only to patients being discharged from Middlesex Hospital and its satellite facilities.

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