Infectious Disease

Not everyone who has an infectious disease needs to see a specialist. A primary care physician is able to take care of many infections, but sometimes, special expertise is required. When an infection is unusual or potentially serious, or when problems occur with treatment, it may be necessary to consult an infectious disease specialist.

At Middlesex Hospital, our Infectious Disease specialists (part of the Middlesex Multispecialty Group) can provide special insight and expertise regarding the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of infections of all types including: HIV, chronic Hepatitis B and C, Lyme Disease, MRSA, sexually transmitted diseases, Tuberculosis, postoperative infections, and many others. An infectious disease specialist can best determine what treatment is needed (if any) for various infections, and what antibiotics should be administered (if any are indicated).

Advanced Testing and Therapies

Infectious Disease specialists at Middlesex Hospital have access to the most accurate testing procedures and the most advanced therapies available, and can arrange for patient participation in clinical trials and investigational drug studies if necessary. In addition arrangements for outpatient IV antibiotics can easily be made if indicated. The ID physicians can provide both inpatient and outpatient evaluation, treatment, and counseling for acute and chronic infections of all types.

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