What Our Patients Are Saying

We strongly believe that providing excellent customer service is of the utmost importance.  We work hard to ensure that each patient has as good an experience with us as possible - because that's part of what makes us the Smarter Choice for Care!  

Here are some actual comments from our patient satisfaction surveys!

"It is always a most wonderful experience for me whenever I have to visit the Middlesex Hospitals' Outpatient Center on Saybrook Road in Middletown, CT. The staff at every level seems to be not only well trained in their specific jobs, but equally important they are always most friendly and with a smile on their faces. Unfortunately, as we all get older we need to be tested more frequently, and it makes whatever we all go through more pleasant to be greeted with a friendly face, an uplifting word and professional and courteous service. You have certainly made going to your outpatient center as well as your main hospital a most pleasant experience. THANK YOU!!!"

"The teamwork and smiles I witnessed made me feel at ease at what would normally be an anxiety-inducing visit. Everyone I met was kind, professional, thoughtful, and wonderful. Thank you."

"When you get blood drawn it is very nice when the person sticking you is a professional who is quick and precise. I have NEVER had a bad experience at this facility. Everyone who has drawn my blood there has been excellent."

"This is a great facility. I will continue to use Middlesex and I am happy with my care."

"Every one was kind and helpful."

"The phlebotomist was very polite, professional and gentle as well as helpful."

"I'm a hard stick, but the phlobotomist had no problem and there was no pain at all"

"Easy access, good parking, nice."

"I've been coming to this lab a lot of years and my answers are always the same. Excellent service. love the girls and very satisfied with everthing they do for me. Thank you."

"I have already recommended to friends and family."

"The person taking my blood was very personable and professional!!"

"The staff in the lab where I have my blood tests done every week or two is always very courteous and always treats me well because they know I'm a coward when the needles are used- Never any pain or discomfort."

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