On-Site Training & Evaluations

In coordination with the Middlesex Hospital Physical, Occupational Therapy and Nutrition Departments, we offer a variety of assessment and training sessions geared towards managers, supervisors, and employees.  

 Some topics include:

 Management Targeted In-services

  •  Injury prevention/anti fatigue equipment
  •  How to assess and implement ergonomic changes with your staff
  •  Re-integration of an injured worker into your workforce without re injury

 Worker Targeted In-services

  •  Repetitive injury prevention
  •  Exercises to prevent injury
  •  Body mechanics for standing jobs
  •  Body mechanics for lifting
  •  Sitting and Standing posture
  •  Computer workstation setup

Nutrition Topics for Health/Wellness and Reducing Risk of Chronic Diseases


  •  Planning regular, balanced meals to maintain health and reduce risk of disease
  • Weight management
  • Heart Healthy diet guidelines
  • Healthy snacks for kids and/or smart snacking for adults
  • Smart beverage choices to stay hydrated
  • Dining out strategies to prevent weight gain                                                                                  
  • Reading the food label to make informed food choices
  • Irritable bowel syndrome – fiber in the diet and probiotic supplements
  • GERD (acid reflux) – diet/lifestyle guidelines
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Reducing osteoporosis – building better bones with calcium and vitamin D 
  • Vegetarian eating – healthy, plant based meals
  • Low sodium diet strategies – healthy, flavorful condiments
  • Dessert options – low fat and low calorie
  • Healthy recipe modifications for cooking and baking
  • Healthy pregnancy diet guidelines
  • Sports nutrition
  • Organic foods


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