Center for Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint pain, stiffness and trauma can come at us suddenly, or appear gradually over many years. Whether through injury, long-term deterioration or as the result of rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, millions of Americans live every day with pain and limited mobility due to damaged or deteriorating joints.

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Before today’s modern advances, it was common to wait until “you absolutely had to” before you considered corrective surgery. That meant years of misery, limited recreation, missed trips, lost productivity and a general decline in quality of life. But you no longer have to suffer with pain or dread each day.

Our surgeons specialize in joint replacement and corrective surgery for the:






The experienced orthopedic surgical team at Middlesex Hospital offers advanced technology, the most advanced, customized prosthetics, and experienced caregivers that support you and your family, from pre-surgery to home care and rehabilitation.

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