Shoulder Replacement Surgery at Middlesex Hospital

There are many types of shoulder injuries or conditions that limit motion, flexibility and strength, and cause sporadic or ongoing pain. In many cases, injuries or damage from arthritis or other degenerative diseases can be corrected with outpatient procedures using minimally invasive techniques. In severe cases, more advanced procedures may be necessary.  

Regardless of how severe your shoulder condition may be, our orthopedic surgery department can help you.  We specialize in a variety of diagnostic procedures designed to carefully analyze your medical condition and determine the best course of action. We then help you navigate surgical and non-surgical recommendations and follow-up requirements. If your shoulder needs to be replaced, our Board-certified surgeons and highly experienced orthopedic surgical team perform a variety of advanced surgeries, using the most sophisticated tools, customized materials and technologies.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery involves the removal of the diseased head (ball) of your shoulder joint, and the placement of a metal stem into your upper arm bone (humerous). A metal or ceramic ball is then placed on the stem, forming the first half of the new shoulder joint. The shoulder section is then reshaped and lined with a metal or ceramic cup creating a new socket for the ball to sit in. The socket may also receive a plastic liner to keep the new joint moving smoothly. The ball is slipped into the socket to restore movement and create the new joint.

Shoulder Replacement - Reverse Surgery is similar to a standard shoulder replacement, in which the diseased head (ball) of your shoulder joint is removed. However, instead of replacing it with a new ball, a socket is created on this side, and a ball is created on the shoulder side. The joint is therefore “reversed” from the original structure. The ball is slipped into the socket to restore movement and create the new joint. For some patients, this reverse approach provides greater range of motion.

Regardless of which procedure you and your surgeon choose, rehabilitation plays a vital role in getting you back to your daily activities. At Middlesex Hospital, we customize your physical therapy program to help you regain shoulder strength and motion and to promote healthy healing and a faster recovery. Our dedicated team of caregivers also helps you before, during the after surgery.

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