Rotator Cuff Surgery

Rotator cuff tears often result from sports injuries, falls or severe strains. At Middlesex Hospital, our orthopedic surgeons specialize in a variety of diagnostic procedures designed to carefully analyze your medical condition and determine the best course of action. We then help you navigate surgical and non-surgical recommendations and follow-up requirements.

Many rotator cuff surgical repairs can be done on an outpatient basis and do not require an overnight stay in the hospital. Your orthopedic surgeon will discuss the best procedure to meet your individual health needs. You may have other shoulder problems in addition to a rotator cuff tear, such as osteoarthritis, bone spurs, or other soft- tissue tears. During the operation, your surgeon may be able to take care of these problems, as well.

The three techniques most commonly used for rotator cuff repair include traditional open repair, arthroscopic repair, and mini-open repair. Each procedure offers pain relief, strength improvement, and overall satisfaction. You and your surgeon should discuss each option in determining the best choice for your injury or condition.

In open repair, a traditional surgical incision is often required if the tear is large or complex. The surgeon may remove bone spurs during this procedure, as well. An open repair may be a good option if the tear is large or complex or if additional reconstruction, such as a tendon transfer, is required.

Over the years, new technology and advanced surgical experience has led to less- invasive procedures. At Middlesex Hospital, many rotator cuff tears are repaired arthroscopically. During arthroscopy, your surgeon inserts a small camera, called an arthroscope, into your shoulder joint. The camera displays pictures on a screen, and your surgeon uses these images to guide miniature surgical instruments.

Because the arthroscope and surgical instruments are very small, your surgeon can use  small incisions rather than the larger incision needed for standard, open surgery. Arthroscopic repair is usually an outpatient procedure and is the least invasive method to repair a torn rotator cuff.

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