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A successful athletic season can be interrupted in one unfortunate second on the playing field or court. According to the National Center for Sports Safety, more than 3.5 million children under age 14 receive medical treatment for sports-related injuries annually. Sports accidents also account for hundreds of thousands of adult emergency room visits annually across America, ranging from minor sprains and fractures to more serious problems such as rotator cuff or cartilage damage, and injured joints, hands, ankles and backs.

Head and neck injuries also are common, and can result in concussions, spinal damage or other potentially severe complications. To learn more about the warning signs and dangers of concussion, click here.


The sports medicine program at Middlesex Hospital includes:

  • Therapy or surgery for fractures, tears, strains and other injuries 
  • Comprehensive consultation, prevention and diagnosis for adults and youth
  • Concussion management
  • Rehabilitation and post-surgical therapy

Our Board-Certified orthopedic surgeons treat every type of sports-related injury. We work closely with your personal physician, coordinate radiology or other tests and carefully analyze your injury before recommending corrective action. That may include rest, physical therapy, pain management or surgery.

If surgery is required, Middlesex Hospital features advanced technology and an outstanding commitment to personal care. We use the newest, most effective and least-invasive methods to maximize mobility, relieve pain or discomfort, and to speed your recovery. This may include minimally invasive laparoscopic or arthroscopic surgeries, which often can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Here you receive not only excellent, state-of-the-art surgical expertise, but also customized hands-on guidance and coordinated attention that continues after surgery. That includes customized rehabilitation, and home care, if needed. We also work closely with your personal physician and other specialists to ensure as seamless and worry-free a transition and recovery as possible.

Our goal is to see you back on your feet and onto the playing field, bike, mountain or other favorite activity quickly and safely!

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