Persistent Pain Management Program

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If you are active and persistent pain is preventing you from exercising and doing activities you love, the Middlesex Hospital rehab-based Persistent Pain Management Program may help you.

What is Persistent Pain?

Pain often occurs from an injury, disease or from stresses on different structures of the body including bones, muscles, ligaments, joints or nerves.  When injured, the affected structure sends a signal through the nerve endings up to the spinal cord and into the brain where it registers as pain.  Eventually, the tissue heals and pain subsides.  

Pain is considered to be persistent or chronic if it has been present for more than 3 months.  In persistent pain, the nerves from the tissues continue to send messages to the brain after tissue healing has occurred.  This can cause continued pain sensations such as aching, stabbing, and tingling which can be sharp and well defined or dull and vague.  The excitable nerves can also cause other symptoms such as sleep disturbances, fatigue, irritability, and overall increased sensitivity to touch or temperature.  Together with the pain, these associated symptoms can lead to decreased quality of life including limited social activities, hours worked, and household tasks.  

Physical and Occupational Therapists are ideal health care professionals to help you manage your persistent pain.  One of our well-trained clinicians will develop an individualized plan of care tailored specifically to your abilities and symptoms.

Your Treatment Plan

At the Middlesex Hospital Physical Rehabilitation Center, a Physical or Occupational Therapist will perform a thorough biomechanical evaluation and then develop a customized treatment plan for you.  Your care will include extensive patient education on nutrition, coping, sleep hygiene, and symptom management strategies, strengthening exercises, aerobic exercises, targeted stretching for tight muscles, and a home exercise program to ensure the most permanent and long lasting effects.

Your Recovery Process
  • Learn techniques to manage symptoms
  • Gain improved function
  • Experience improved activity tolerance
  • Independence with a targeted exercise program 

If you think you may benefit from this rehab-based program, contact your provider to talk about your candidacy.

View this video for a better idea of our approach to your pain management

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