Neurological Rehabilitation

Strength. Mobility. Recovery.

A neurological injury or disorder can cause problems with many abilities.  It may help to know that our therapists can help you regain strength, mobility, cognition, life skills, and strategies for new ways to do tasks.  

Rehabilitation provides a person with a way to make significant progress to overcome impairments.  A comprehensive treatment plan can also address individualized and personal goals to maximize outcomes and quality of life. 

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists are skilled at performing a thorough evaluation and developing a treatment program to address your strength, flexibility, posture, coordination  balance and mobility goals.  By working together to design an individualized plan of care, we can assist you to address the changes in performance of your legs and trunk musculature.  

Occupational Therapy

When a person has resulting deficits from a neurological cause, our occupational therapists are experts at assessing for and addressing changes in upper extremity strength, coordination, flexibility, posture, vision and ability to perform routine daily activities such as grooming, meal preparation, dressing and participating in social activities.  

Speech Therapy

Many times, a person may demonstrate difficulties with communication, swallowing, memory, comprehension, problem-solving, organizing, and planning as a result of a neurological process.  Our speech therapists can work with you on decreasing these impairments towards an improved quality of life. 


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