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The Home Sleep Test (HST) is a helpful tool for diagnosing Sleep Apnea.  The HST is easy to set up and can be done in the comfort of your own home.  The HST records your sleeping position, snoring, chest and abdomen expansion, breathing, oxygen levels, and heart rate.  The HST can be modified to test for the efficiency of some forms of treatment for sleep apnea as well (PAP, EPAP, dental, surgical & positional treatment). 



How do I get a home sleep test done?

Have your doctor send us a referral form from our "For Healthcare Providers" page.  Once we get a referral we will contact you for an appointment within three business days.

Do Insurance Companies cover the Home Testing?

Yes. As a matter of fact most insurance companies prefer to have an HST done over an In-lab test.

Is the HST difficult to put on?

No.  The HST is a fairly easy device to place on after a short instruction period with one of our Sleep Technologists.  The device is partially assembled for you when you pick the device up from the sleep center and a pictured diagram of how you place the HST on is given to you to take home.

Is the HST as good as the in-lab testing?

The HST is not as sophisticated as the in-lab study and cannot record as much data, but the HST is a good tool for diagnosing Sleep Apnea issues. Fewer wires than the in-lab study is part of what makes the HST so much more comfortable to sleep with.


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