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What can The Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center at Middlesex Hospital do for You and Your Patients?

We are an accredited Sleep Disorders Center with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  Our model of care is changing rapidly to better serve you and your patients.

 We realized that patients felt they were on their own after the treatment was initialized for their sleeping disorder without alternatives if the treatment did not work or simply could not adjust to treatment. With a consult to the Middlesex Hospital Sleep Disorders Center your patient is going to receive not only consult and testing; they are entering a partnership to solve their sleeping problems through conventional methods of treatment and a look into alternative methods of treatment for the best solution to your patients sleeping disorder.

We are committed to not only diagnosing their sleeping problems but taking the journey of treatment with your patients keeping your office informed every step of the way.

Testing and Services Offered
  • Consultations
  • PAP Compliance Clinic
  • Home Sleep Study
  • Sleep disorders breathing testing and treatment.
  • MATRx™ Titration for Mandibular Advancement Devices
  • Provent® EPAP therapy and testing.
  • Parasomnia testing and treatment.
  • Narcolepsy testing and treatment.
  • Insomnia testing and treatment
  • CBT-I (Cognative Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia)
  • Professional driver’s wakefulness testing.
  • Desensitization of PAP Mask
  • PAP-Nap
  • Actigraphy

We have a working relationship with a Sleep Medicine Dentists for those patients that cannot tolerate PAP therapy and want to seek out the use of Mandibular Advancement Devices.  We are currently the only sleep center in CT that has a MATRx™ in-lab dental titration device.

We also have a working relationship with the ENT group at Middlesex Hospital for those patients who want to seek surgical treatment.

Also Available:
  • Self help manuals for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia
  • Evaluation and strategies for jet lag and shift work.
  • Light therapy for sleep phase disorders
Our Staff

All of our technologists are Registered Polysomnography Technologists.  They have been specially trained to monitor and detect abnormal respiratory, ECG, EMG, and EEG patterns.  Several of our staff are also Registered Respiratory Therapists.

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