Other Sleeping Disorders

Nightmare DisorderNightmare Disorder

Nightmares are disturbing, visual dream sequences that occur in your mind and wake you up from your sleep.  Not awakening from these vivid often disturbing dreams are not considered nightmares but simply bad dreams.  Nightmares disturb your sleeping pattern.  Nightmare disorder is described as having nightmares on a frequent basis.  Those with nightmare disorder are often afraid to go to sleep. 

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Most people in their lifetime will experience an episode of Bruxism.  Most cases are very mild and will not need to be treated.  However, for some the teeth grinding can become excessive and cause damage to the teeth, jaw, nerves or muscles as well as disturbing your sleep (although you may not be aware of the disturbance). 

Sleep WalkingSleepwalking

Sleepwalking often occurs in people with a family history of sleepwalking.  A common misconception is that the person is acting out their dreams; however, the stage of sleep that the sleepwalking occurs in is not associated with dreaming.  People that sleepwalk are often found wandering the house performing day to day tasks (going to the bathroom, cooking, eating, and in rare cases driving).  Most of these tasks are preformed clumsily and often while roaming their house bump into multiple objects or attempt to walk through glass doors or screens.  The person when awakened can become violent and confused often unaware of how they got out of bed.  Most sleepwalking incidents occur within 15 min but have been known to last up to an hour.

REM Behavior Disorder (RBD)

Unlike sleepwalking, this occurs during the dream period and people experiencing RBD will, in most cases, remember what they were dreaming about at the time of awakening.  People will act out the dreams they are currently experiencing whether it’s fighting off intruders, monsters, etc. or simply having a conversation.  This may not occur every night. In some cases the episodes are so violent that people take to strapping themselves in bed as to not hurt themselves or others.

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