The Pregnancy & Birthing Center at Middlesex Hospital

Our Pregnancy & Birth Center welcomes more than 1,100 new babies each year — and every member of our team goes out of their way to make sure that each delivery is uniquely tailored to the needs of the baby and the wishes of mom and family. In fact, our reputation for accommodating patient wishes and creating the best experience for mom, baby and family has led to some of the highest patient satisfaction scores in the area.

At Middlesex Hospital’s Pregnancy and Birth Center, our doctors and nurses are committed to a more “hands-on” approach to pregnancy and delivery, providing more freedom and movement for the mother. We pride ourselves on being both high-tech and high-touch — meaning we have all the latest technologies to ensure a safe delivery, but we also dedicate time and effort to each patient, even if that means giving more back massages than epidurals.

We Are a “Baby-Friendly” Hospital

We are proud to be designated as one of seven “Baby-Friendly” birthing centers in the state of Connecticut by Baby-Friendly USA. As the authority for the implementation of the World Health Organization’s and the United Nation’s Children’s Fund’s Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, Baby-Friendly USA has recognized our commitment to providing unparalleled care for breastfeeding moms and their babies.

Skin-to-skin contact is critical to the development of a lifelong bond between mom and her baby, so we allow and encourage babies to “room in” with moms throughout their stay — and your baby will even be bathed and examined in the room with you. 

We also strongly encourage moms to begin breastfeeding as soon as they and their baby are ready and able. Our staff includes internationally board certified lactation consultant — and all of our nurses are specially trained to help new moms work through any difficulties they may experience with breastfeeding. In cases where breastfeeding is not possible, we’re also experts in alternate feeding methods, because our first priority is ensuring that every mom leaves our hospital with the confidence that they’ll be able to provide the very best care for their new baby.

Welcome to Your Room

From the time you arrive at our Pregnancy & Birth Center to the time you head home with your newest family member, you’ll stay in the same private, comfortable room. Our labor-delivery-recovery-postpartum (LDRP) rooms are spacious enough for all of your family members and guests, and they have all the comforts of home, from private baths/showers and refrigerators to TVs and DVD players—even a sofa bed for dad!

If you’d like to get an up-close look at our rooms and the rest of our facility, we encourage you to schedule an Informational Session & Tour of our unit by registering online or calling us at 860-358-6699. Or, you can have a look at one of our LDRP rooms with our 360-degree virtual tour.

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You can also watch our labor and delivery orientation video to get a better idea of what it’s like to have your baby at Middlesex Hospital.

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