Saturday, February 24, 2018

UPDATE – Saturday, February 24, 2018


Middlesex Hospital has resumed providing emergency care to walk-in patients. 

It is still not receiving patients via ambulance, and the Hospital’s normal Emergency Department
location in Middletown is still closed until further notice.

Patients who visit the Hospital’s temporary Emergency Department space should drive to the main
entrance of the Hospital. At that point, a security officer will be there to greet them. The officer will
then direct them to where they need to go.

If someone is sick or injured and needs immediate attention, they should call 9-1-1. An ambulance will bring them to the next nearest emergency department. Middlesex’s other Emergency Department locations in Westbrook and Marlborough are open.

Patients are now allowed to receive visitors. Flu restrictions remain in place.

All other Middlesex Health System locations are operating as normal.

Visitation Considerations

There are several suggestions for all visitors that will help to protect their loved ones from further infectious illnesses:

  • All persons 12 years of age or older should refrain from visiting if they have runny nose, cough, or other symptoms of respiratory infection, diarrhea illness, or any other suspected contagious disease.
  • Visiting should be avoided if there has been a recent exposure to a highly communicable infectious disease such as chicken pox, influenza, or gastrointestinal illness.
  • Visitors should not sit or lie on patient beds. Visitors should only use public bathrooms. Patient bathrooms are only for patient use.

Those who come to visit patients between the hours of 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. will enter through the Emergency Department, and will be greeted by the Security Officer on duty. He or she will coordinate the visit with the staff on the patient’s unit by telephoning the specific unit.

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