Newest Technology to Fight Cancer Arrives at Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center

Middletown,Novalis TX Linear Accelerator Ct. — The Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center recently installed brand new technology that will significantly improve treatment for patients who need radiation therapy.

The Novalis TxTM linear accelerator technology, with BrainLab stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) components, provides painless, non-invasive outpatient treatment of patients with both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors anywhere in the body. By using a treatment beam in the exact shape of the tumor, the technology can deliver radiation treatment while protecting surrounding normal tissue.  The Novalis Tx technology builds upon the Cancer Center’s current linear accelerator technology by offering patients the next generation of radiation therapy treatment. 

By using this new technology, radiation oncologists can pinpoint tumors with unprecedented accuracy and consequently deliver more precise and higher doses of radiation. Through the use of the new linear accelerator’s radiosurgery components, more effective radiation treatment with less damage to surrounding healthy tissue can be performed as an alternative to invasive surgery.

The Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center is one of the first cancer treatment facilities in Connecticut to offer this technology. For more information about the Novalis Tx, call the Middlesex Hospital Department of Radiation Oncology at (860) 358-2100.

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