Patrice Thomas, M.S.P.T.,C.L.T. Receives Specialized Certification

Patrice Thomas, M.S.P.T., C.L.T., of Middlesex Hospital Rehabilitation and Hand Therapy has received special certification in lymphedema management.

 Lymphedema refers to swelling that may occur in the arms or legs, often just in one arm or leg, which can cause discomfort, restrict movement and sometimes cause infections. Lymphedema can occur after surgery or radiation treatments, especially in the case of breast cancer patients.

 Thomas’s training included learning techniques for both Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). MLD is a gentle manual massage technique to activate the lymph system and reduce swelling. CDT is a combination of MLD, along with bandaging the affected areas, exercises and skin and nail care. It has proven to be the most successful treatment for chronic lymphedema.

 For more information about lymphedema management or other services provided by Middlesex Hospital Rehabilitation and Hand Therapy, call (860) 358-2700.


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