Financial Assistance Services

At Middlesex Hospital our patients are our number one priority. Our mission is to improve the health and well being of our community by providing quality and caring healthcare services with compassion and skill. We recognize that some patients may have difficulty paying - even those with health insurance.

We can help. We have an entire department dedicated to assisting our patients with managing the cost of their care. Financial Counseling at Middlesex Hospital may be able to help you if you are unable to pay all or part of your hospital bills. The hospital offers financial assistance to qualified patients through a generous program that is based on a sliding scale, considers your household income and the dependents in your family. We also have interest free payment plans available to all patients.

Download our Financial Assistance Services Brochure

MIddlesex Hospital Financial Assistance Policy Summary

Middlesex Hospital provides Free Bed Funds and Discounted Care for those who qualify. The criteria for eligibility includes a gross income sliding scale based on Federal Poverty Income Guidelines and the number of dependents in your household. If eligible, you will not be charged more than an individual who has insurance covering such care. You can apply for financial assistance or get our full Financial Assistance Policy by contacting a financial counselor at (860) 358-2402 or (860) 358-2403.

How To Apply And Get More Information

You may get more information about Middlesex Hospital’s financial assistance program by calling our Financial Counselors at (860) 358-2402 or (860) 358-2403 or by visiting our Financial Counselors at Middlesex Hospital Outpatient Center located at 534 Saybrook Rd, Middletown, CT

Our financial assistance instructions, income guidelines and application are also available by clicking the links below:

You may print the application and hand-write your responses.

To submit your completed application with all supporting documentation, you may mail or hand deliver it to:

Middlesex Hospital Outpatient Center 
Financial Counseling 
534 Saybrook Rd 
Middletown, CT 06457

For Language Assistance

If you require language assistance please contact our financial assistance counselors at (860) 358-2402 or (860) 358-2403 who will arrange for help.

We look forward to assisting you in any way we can with the financial assistance process.

28 Crescent Street
Middletown, CT 06457

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